How To Apply


Only a few steps are necessary to get a fresh and radiant look!

Important: The eyelid needs to be dry and must be cleansed and free from any oils! Cleanse your eyelids with a gentle face tonic. The WONDERSTRIPES Tonic is perfect for the application! Dab dry with cotton buds or a towel.

With a pair of tweezers or your fingernail remove one WONDERSTRIPES carefully from the film. The easiest way is when you slowly slide the nail under a corner of the strip. Is this corner on the nail, the strip can easily be peeled off.

Tilt your head back and look straight into the mirror. In this position, your eyelid crease is best  revealed. Depending on the shape of the eye and the texture of the skin apply the strip into the crease and press it gently down with two fingers.

WONDERSTRIPES size-recommendation

Which size of the stripe is suitable for which eyelid? 
As each eye is different, there are no exact rules where to place WONDERSTRIPES accurately and which size (S, M or L) suits the eye best. A general advice is: