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Eyelids Lifting Strips - Instant Eye Lift Solution

Eyelids Lifting Strips - Instant Eye Lift Solution

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Instant Eyelid Lift: Wonderstripes Eyelids Lifting Tapes provide instant lift and refresh your eyelids, giving you a youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

Non-Invasive and Comfortable: Made with hypoallergenic and skin-friendly materials, these non-invasive corrective tapes are gentle on your delicate eyelids and provide a comfortable, all-day wear experience.

Natural-Looking Results: Experience natural-looking results with our premium eyelid lifting tapes, seamlessly blending with your skin for a rejuvenated appearance.

Easy Application: Applying Wonderstripes is a breeze! Simply place the transparent strip on your eyelid crease, gently press it down, and enjoy the instant lift. No more droopy or tired-looking eyes!

Long-Lasting Wear: Wonderstripes is your go-to solution for hooded eyes, saggy upper eyelids, or asymmetric eyelids. These tapes offer long-lasting wear, ensuring your lifted eyelids stay in place throughout the day.

Available in 3 sizes: S, M, L.
Made in Germany


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How to Apply

Easy steps for a radiant, fresh & younger look!
  1. The eyelid needs to be dry, cleansed and free from any oils! Cleanse your eyelids with a gentle face tonic. Wonderstripes Toner is perfect for the application!
  2. Using tweezers or your fingernail remove one Wonderstripes carefully from the film. The easiest way is to slowly slide the nail under a corner of the strip.
  3. Tilt your head back and look straight into the mirror. In this position, your eyelid crease is best revealed. Place one corner of the strip on the crease.
  4. Using another finger, lift your eyebrow up and continue to place the strip.
  5. Gently press the strip on the crease with two fingers.
  6. Enjoy younger looking eyes!

Care Instructions

  • Protect from sunlight
  • Keep in a cool dry place
  • Dispose after each use.



Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Bernie Bacon
Clearly Do The Trick!

I was amazed at the fact these really minimized my hooded eyes - love it! I'd use more often if they didn't show the lifted end that occurs as a result of my prying it off the backing (fine tweezers work best), so I'm working on being able to do that better. If you want a real eye-opener, these will get the job done. Super happy :)

Amazon Customer

Easy to use. Comfortable and invisible. I need eylid surgery to improve my vision but these are a great way to see better until surgery.

Joyce Adams
Works really well

Takes a little practice to appy but amazed at well these work. Works better using tweezers than nails to remove from card. I'm going to a medium next time. What a difference they make.

Amazon Customer
Clean you eyelid well and dry

They work great I will order them again for sure. Thanks

Attach and forget! Great alternative to an eye lift

This product really does its job by lifting that saggy eyelid- just enough for the eye to appear perky and a bit younger. It won't lift that extra skin in the way an eye lift procedure would BUT it is just enough for you to notice and it, therefore, appear natural. Make sure the eyelid is free of moisture and then place the strip right on the crease of the lid that has been created by the sagging skin. Once in place, they stick well all day and beyond, if they don't get wet. Plus, you will not feel them on your lid. I am happy to have discovered these.